Transfer in the air in south France

Summer is here and many people leaves the city for a greater vaction abroard. One of the most famous european destination around this year is of course south France, cote d’azur. And when you here why not make the holiday a little bit special.

Sure, it feels a little crazy to go Helicopter between the different cities on the Riviera but the option exists, even if you are not immensely rich. Companies like Heli Securite Helicopter Airlane and Nice Helicopteres flies several times a day between Nice – Monaco and Nice, Cannes. For a fun excitment it costs around 70-120 Euros depending on where you are going. Flights from Nice to Monaco takes no longer than 7 minutes and Nice to Cannes around 20 minutes so it’s also a fast transfer is you are in a hurry.

Both companies have more than 15 years of experience and when you fly by helicopter, it’s a speed up to 230 km per hour. If you don’t want to go with the scheduled flights you can of course run the VIP version even if it’s a bit more expensive but then you can explore the French Riviera from above in big leather armchair and real style. An exciting way to see the beautiful nature and life of south France.

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  • I have used the air transfer between Nice and Monaco. The thing that you sit with 4 other persons you don’t know is fun. Even if the trip took 7 minutes we talked and later that week some of us took a lunch. I Think i paid 50 euro for the trip and it was around 4 years ago.

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